Opinions and Assholes: the Jim Gaffigan Edition

Jim Gaffigan is either a shallow-minded asshole or a very smart man. The comedian went off about craft and microbrews in America, literally saying "without exception, they're all bad!" https://youtu.be/3yKFcEroxR8 What the fuck dude... There's no way he's literally tried every beer in America. I doubt he's familiar with off-flavors in beer. He's not listed... Continue Reading →


More with Less Alcohol

At the Beer Bloggers Conference, I got a taste of Polish hopped water and my mind was blown. It was refreshing, didn't contain alcohol or sugar, and provided the same kind of great hop flavor you'd find in a fresh IPA. When I got home, I started looking up hop water and found a company,... Continue Reading →

10 Most Memorable Beers of BBC18

Trying to summarize an entire week drinking incredible beers is not an easy task. I wish I would've checked in every beer on Untappd; it would make compiling this list easier and I'd love to know just how many different beers I sampled this week. Another attendee said he sampled over 100! Between the extra... Continue Reading →

Beers for a Happy and Hoppy 4th!

Yeah, California wine and Kentucky bourbon is world famous, but our beer is legendary from coast to coast. Our brands are sold all over the world, our craft beers are internationally revered. We've established our own styles and rich brewing traditions.¬† According to some, the pilgrims' story even involves¬†beer. America, and its beer, is badass.... Continue Reading →

Tips for Getting Tipsy: Summer Edition

Summer is truly the best time of year for beer. We've moved past the "drinking to survive" vibes of winter and now we're basking in the glory of crushable beers, bright flavors, warm breezes. We don't have to get wrecked on a bomber of barrel-aged beer for warmth. But we do have to worry about... Continue Reading →

Destination: Summer

We've survived Illinois Craft Beer Week, Memorial Day Weekend... what's next? One of the biggest reasons I survived ICBW was the lack of passports. Last year they were giving out passports to be stamped at local beer events, breweries, and brewpubs and if you reached the required number of stamps during the week (I think... Continue Reading →

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