Misty Mountain Malt: Montana from Grain to Glass – Hello, Helena

If you're looking to drink locally-focused craft beer surrounded by breath-taking scenery, Montana needs to be high on your bucket list... My first stop was Helena, for the pre-conference excursion. I arrived via plane and as we approached the earth grew greener, land reached higher, and we coasted over a large lake on the descent into the valley. I always appreciate a destination with a scenic welcome committee and Helena certainly made a good impression...

Back to it

It's so easy to be inspired yet inactive. This summer has been filled with some fantastic experiences, yet it's just been easier to savor them or Instagram them. Sometimes, even for those of us who love writing, words just don't come first...

Let’s Catch Up

It's been a little while... Taking, and passing, the Certified Cicerone exam has definitely been the highlight of my beer year so far. Kind of hard to top it, too. I've been educating (annoying) lots of friends, noticing a lot of flaws in the beer industry, and enjoying some sincerely amazing beers. Beer is still... Continue Reading →

My 10 Faves from FoBAB 2018

So many beers to choose from, deciding between trying something from a brewery you've never heard of or seeing what your local favorite brought to the fest, ridiculous names trying to grab your attention, shuffling through the sea of boozy people... these were 10 of my favorites

The Good, The Bad, and the Barrel-Aged: FoBAB 2018

For normal Chicagoans, the holiday season kicked off yesterday with the opening of the Millenium Park skating rink and Daly Plaza Christkindlmarket, and the tree lighting ceremony. For Chicago beer nerds, it was the opening night of the Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers. Few things warm the body and soul like hundreds of people getting jolly on barrel-aged beers...

More with Less Alcohol

At the Beer Bloggers Conference, I got a taste of Polish hopped water and my mind was blown. It was refreshing, didn't contain alcohol or sugar, and provided the same kind of great hop flavor you'd find in a fresh IPA. When I got home, I started looking up hop water and found a company,... Continue Reading →

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