Try Anything Twice: On Tour Brewing and Arigato Tacos

My first trip to On Tour was good, but the tacos stood out way more than the beer. I had a Nitro Irish Stout that was just meh compared to all the great beers I'd consumed that day. So on Sunday morning, when I woke up craving spicy and savory, I hit the road at... Continue Reading →


I'm moving in the right direction, I think. I actually sought out a new beer the other day! Marz released a Paczki-inspired double milk stout for Fat Tuesday, brewed to pair well with the traditional Polish confections. I debated hunting it down on release day/Tuesday, posing the can with some sweet treats for an Instagram... Continue Reading →

Feeling the Burn(out)

I thoroughly enjoyed the month of December. There was a ton of beer from various events, the Advent Calendar, holiday releases. But it caught up fast. Posting about the Advent calendar started to feel like a chore, all the drinking left me not feeling my best... plus there was a surplus of beer in both... Continue Reading →

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